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To Gaze Upon the Wicked Gods


For as long as Yang Ruying has been alive, the empire of Er-Lang has been occupied by Romans, who mercilessly defeated the magic of het people. Now the invaders’ advanced science, technology and military make them Gods. But Ruying is special, having been blessed by Death and born with the ability to pull life out of mortal bodies.

When Antony, the second prince of Rome, uncovers Ruying’s power, he offers her an impossible deal: if she becomes his private assassin and eliminates his political rivals, her family will be protected. But can Ruying truly trust this prince, whose promises of a better world make her heart ache and whose smiles ake her pulse beat faster?

Auteur: Molly X. Chang
Uitgever: Penguin Group
ISBN: 9780241620816
Thema’s: Fantasie en romantiek
Bindwijze: Paperback
Pagina’s: 368
Taal: Engels
Publicatiedatum: april 2024

ISBN: 9780241620816 Collecties: , , , Boekenreeksen: , , , , , ,

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Afmetingen 24,2 × 16,2 × 3,2 cm



Engelstalig, Leesboek

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