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Fake trip


Fake it till you make it.
While everyone is hoping to relax on the beach and secretly explore the nightlife on their four-day school trip to Barcelona, the schedule, unfortunately, includes a number of mandatory excursions. When a horrible accident happens in the Sagrada Familia, secrets are exposed at a dizzying pace. Gruesome

details are spread via social media, but what is real and what is fake? Are Demi and Billy able to stop this disaster? Or will there be even more victims?

Auteur: Margje Woodrow
Uitgever: VBK Media
ISBN: 9789026168352
Thema: Fictieboek over romantiek, reizen en (de gevaren van) sociale media
Bindwijze: Paperback
Pagina’s: 288
Taal: Engels
Publicatiedatum: juni 2023

ISBN: 9789026168352 Collecties: , , Boekenreeksen: , , , ,

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Afmetingen 20,2 × 12,6 × 2,4 cm




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